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Peacock Digital Media Website Design Vancouver BC. Discussing your needs in the lower mainland is as simple as sending a note.

I can work remotely on your website design if you are not from Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley

I have been working with digital media for web print and video  from 2000 and graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2003 with a senior management certificate which has taught me how to use the three together. I really enjoy working with print video and building websites. Over the past few years I have been using WordPress for my websites because it is so powerful.

I can help you with:

  • Website design.
  • Business card design
  • Large print artwork and design
  • domain name registration
  • website hosting
  • WordPress installation & lessons

WebSite Design for mobile phone.
Whether it’s WordPress or from scratch in the current html, php and css languages, all the current web sites I build look great on all devices. Website Design Vancouver BC

I highly recommend WordPress for your website or blog:

  • flexibility and control to edit content.
  • ability to optimize for search engine results.
  • Thousands of themes and plugins
  • Cross platform/browser and device compatible.

Exceptional Customer Service.
I only work on one project at a time which translates to you getting my full attention with a prompt completion date to your satisfaction.

Print ready.
All my artwork is done in high resolution format that is prepared for:

  • offset and digital print layouts
  • letter heads
  • business cards
  • sandwich boards
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • greeting cards
  • large posters
  • window banners
  • compression for fast responsive web sites.

Peacock Digital Media keeps all media types in mind when working for a client. When I am asked to build a web site and design the banner, I will also envision how a letter head will look as well as a business card so there is recognizable branding.


SEO is an art and internet marketing skill designed to ensure that websites rank well in a search query.

There are tools in the web business these days to help web designers and businesses build and submit sitemaps.

I will tell you up front that I am not an SEO expert, that being said I have had good success with helping businesses do better in search results. I can give you the foundation, infrastructure and knowledge you will need to continue to work on improving your SEO results. As well as make your web site very efficient for an search engine optimization expert to login and do their job. I can also get you set up with Google Adwords and Google Adsense.